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Important Information

This market strives to be a cashless event. You must be able to take payment on site.


Apply using the form below. If you need assistance check out our social media pages or check out the contact FAQ below.

Our events feature all handmade wares. 

Did you make your wares with your own two hands?

If yes, then you can be considered for participation in one of our events.

We do not accept direct sales vendors or manufactured goods, nor do we accept items that were designed by you but made in a lab or by a third-party.

When your application has been submitted successfully, you will receive a copy of your application at the email address you provided in your application. If you did not receive this email, and it’s not in your spam folder, you should submit another application.

On or before the vendor notification date identified in the event application, you will receive a notification by email letting you know whether or not you were selected as an artist in the event.

We don’t charge for table space.

Booths are available in a 10′ x  10′ space. All merchandise must fit within the booth it is being displayed from.  

During the application process If you have indicated that you will need equipment, we will work with you to supply what is needed for your booth. Applicants are limited to one requests for the following:
(1)10′ x 10 ‘ tent
(1) 6′ wide table
(2) Chairs  

If your wares are taxable in the Commonwealth of Virginia, then you are required to collect and remit sales tax by law, including cash transactions.

Try reaching out on Instagram or Facebook.

Yes. Only to cover your personal property on display at the event.

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